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Ybatinga Residence

Front View

the house is set in the natural terrain in a way to reinforce the landscape's horizontality.

Interior View

concrete and wood form contrast between cold and warm sensations, while the glass gives a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Ybatinga Residence Interior View
Ybatinga Residence Dining Room

Dining Room

the main feature wall is bathed by unique light textures and patterns created by the 3d printed wall.

Back Garden View

a mack garden allow for a complete immersion into nature from the warm, interior space.

Ybatinga Residence Garden
Ybatinga Residence Garage

Garage View

hidden by crafted landscape design, the garage is seamlessly integrated to the house design and the surrounded vegetation.



Unbuilt | São Paulo, Brazil

CONCEPT | The concept for this house was to joint two architectonic techniques that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum: vernacular architecture and 3d printing. The goal was to achieve a seamless experience and design style that takes advantage of both the site’s local materials, and the innovative techniques of pre-built parts using cutting edge technology to create a shading device for the living room area.

External View

a second contrast comes with the landscaping: on one side the crisp and perfectly mown lawn; and on the other, wild tropical forest.

Ybatinga Residence External View
Ybatinga Residence Close Up

Front View Close-up

the 3d printed facade modernizes the architecture while still being in harmony with the local natural materials.

Main Pathway View

the main pathways guides the residents and guests towards the main entrance.

Ybatinga Residence Pathway
Ybatinga Residence Garden

Back Perspective View

360 degree gardens around the house offer a diverse range of options to enjoy nature.

Ybatinga Residence 3d Panel

3d Printed Panel Wall

the wall is 3d Printed in modules and the assembled in site.

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