Mothe Chandeniers Castle

Mothe Chandeniers Castle

The ruins and tree house module work in unison offering a diverse range of views and experiences

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Unfolding Memories

Unbuilt | Mothe, France

CONCEPT | The tree house was designed to cope with and adapt to the site’s various physical and climatic conditions, allowing the user to control the built environment according to the external variables, thus promoting a seamless and integrated experience between architecture and nature. In order to achieve this adaptability, the visually complex facade folds, opens and rotates, meeting the user’s needs in a simple and sustainable way. The facade’s folding mechanism creates three main opportunities: Protection, Clear views and Openness.

Tree House Aerial View

Tree House Aerial View

Total Carbon Emissions for CLT: - 52,8 tCO2 
Total Carbon Emissions for Glass: + 45.1 tCO2

Interior View

The minimal interior, features built -in modular furniture capable of changing layout and distribution. The wood follows all along the tree house.

The module can be fully integrated with 
Nature by openin its facade

Exterior Detail

The folding glass facade creates a mirror-like surface that reflects the surounding, and integrating the design into nature.

Ebaupinay Castle View

At night, the modules illuminate the surroundings creating a unique lighting scheme around the castle.

Ebaupinay Castle

The modules are placed in strategic positions to take advantage of views, topography and sunlight

Vibrac Castle View

Vibrac Castle View

Visitors are constantly surprised with the  aesthetical dialog between ruin and tree house

Mothe Chandeniers View

Specific trees were chosen to elevate the module and offer curated views of the ruins

Living Room View

The living area, altough small, contains all essentials for a confortable stay. the table doubles down as a bed extention and as a bench, depending on the user.

Vibrac Castle View

The peaceful surrounding allows for a unique relationship between the user and the landscape, as if it was their own backyard.

Bed = Table + Bench
Hinged Seat Top - Storage
Low Table - 40cm
High Table - 70cm
100 squared meters
50 square meters
exploded axonometric
Collaborators | Design

Giancarllo Bruno

Guilherme Pulvirenti

Renata Leinemann