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Exterior View - Umuarama Residence

Exterior View

High up in the brazilian mountains bordering the state of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, the house takes advantage of the natuarl landscape and views with its continuous glass facade.



São Paulo, Brazil

CONCEPT | Located in the mountainous region of the State of São Paulo, this project embodies the desire for the architecture to emerge from nature, being as much a part of it as the existing surroundings. Designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, glass sliding doors bring the exterior to the interior, while the interior gardens bring the interior to the exterior. Wood and linen furnishings create an inviting and warm atmosphere, complemented by a unique fireplace at the heart of the house. 
To minimize the impact on the terrain, the common area is divided in two, following the natural topography and differentiating the intimate from the social spaces.

Living Room View

Cold concrete floors are compensated with warm wood tones and soft fabrics throughout the design

Interior View 01 - Umuarama Residence

Main Living Room View

The entrance, shifted from the main axis, creates a pathway for the user to dicover the views and spaces of the design.

Cena estar 02_R00.jpg

Patio View

Blending into the landscape, the goal was to design a house that did not impose into the natural grounds, nor used materials that felt off place. 

External View - Umuarama Residence

Kitchen View

The kitchen is designed to blend in the walls. Using Corten Steel and stone as backdrop, the kitchen is a solid, monolithic volume.

Cena cozinha_R00.jpg

Interior Close-up View

One of the most important design concepts was to utilize not only local materials, but also brazilian furniture designers and art pieces. Thus, the house is filled with iconic pieces of the country's designers.

Cena det_R00.jpg

Patio View

The patio is an extention of the living room, using the same principle of natural materials - wood and stone.

Large pieces of furniture create a heaviness necessary to contrast with the roofs light-weight aspect.

Cena varanda_R00.jpg
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