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Exterior View

The circular patio connects all of the residence's zones (living, intimate and terrace). Surrounded by vegetation, the architecture emerges from the landscape joined by a curved roof that continues seamlessly throughout the different volumes.

Kitchen View

The kitchen was designed to be hidden and integrated into the walls, creating a clean, clutter-free space.


Terrace View

The terrace is an "in-between" space that transitions the interior to the exterior while serving as an intimate gathering spot, covered from weather elements.

Bedroom View

Contrasting with the rest of the house, the bedroom has warm tones and materials, to make the residents feel comfortable on a minimal environment.


Facade view

The estate also was designed to host "undesigned" landscapes, with natural vegetation, untouched, minimizing the human action on the site.



Pernambuco, Brazil

CONCEPT | Located in the one of the most important gypsum extraction sites in Brazil, in Araripe region of the State of Pernambuco, this project joins two locally sourced materials, wood and gypsum, to create a unique, secluded and minimalist living space for a family. The dark, warm wooden tones and art pieces placed along the house contrast with the light shades of earthly tones used on the walls and flooring.
The stone creates a reflecting plane on the floor, bringing in natural diffuse lighting from the exterior, while the cantilevered curved roof shades the outer boundary and protects the walls from the natural elements.
The residence is divided in three blocks, each with its own level of intimacy and openness.

Dining Room View

Placed on top of two cube-like concrete volumes, a wallnut countertop balances the relationship between cold and warm materials.


Terrace Garden View

The patio garden is abundant with vegetation, separating visually the more intimate bedroom zone from the public living areas.

Gallery View

The Gallery is a space of contemplation. Topped with a bespoke chandelier designed uniquelly for this space, art is displayed on the walls, having the observer stand (or sit) in the center.

victorbortiz_architecture_gallery no hum

Facade View

The continuous roof has a major design impact, combining three different volumes into one single living experiences.

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