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Exterior View

The slightly cured roof unifies all the living blocks bringing the landscape into the house.



Paraty, Brazil

CONCEPT | Designed using the ancient indigenous “Taperá style” as a reference, usually characterized by being a visually simple home, with open walls and simple enclosures, this residence uses natural lighting and ventilation to its advantage.
Separated in three levels, the topmost being the social level with a living room, dining area, social kitchen and service kitchen, guest bathroom and a breakfast room.

Side View

Large glass facades allow for loads of natural lighting, while the cantilevered roof protects from direct sunlight incidense.


Living Room

Traditional brazilian furniture is the main focal point on the interior design. Minimaist architecture serves as a background for the composition.

Living Room 01 - Tapera Residence -  Photography - vbo architecture.jpg

Living Room

Custom pieces such as the painting marble support are the key elements to integrate interior design and architecture.

Living Room 03 - Tapera Residence -  Photography - vbo architecture.jpg

Dining Area

The dining area uses warm yet subtle earthy tones to potentialize the wood details and hue.

Living Room 02 - Tapera Residence -  Photography - vbo architecture.jpg

Model View

Tapera Residence - Croquis.png

Model View

Model 02.jpg
Model 01.jpg
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