Front View

Front View

the lightweight roof shades the suite and allows for a 180 degree panoramic view of its surrounding landscape

Interior View

stairs follow the topography creating a discovery path to the bedroom space

Upper Courtyard

an Upper Courtyard gives and external seating area with privacy for the guests



Unbuilt | Florida, USA

CONCEPT | The hotel suite was designed to take full advantage of Florida's weather, providing shade while allowing for full panoramic views. The metallic roof contrasts with the wood and warm-toned stone floors, creating a airy yet intimate space.Exterior courtyard allow the guest to experience the natural landscape in different ways, gathering with a group on the lower end, or enjoying a tea over the view on the upper courtyard.

Top View

pathways guide the guests towards the different areas of the private suite

Lower Courtyard

a lower courtyard serves as a gathering and transition space for guests

Side View

basculating Wooden Panels Enclose the space during night time