Front View

Front View

The pavilion allows vast interaction through touching and swinging

Exploded Axonometric

Two structural layers of rope modules anchor the main nautical fabric canopy and secondary mesh

Recycled Rope Pavilion

Unbuilt | New York, USA

CONCEPT | Today there are more than 640.000 Tons of rope lost or discarded irregularly at sea by ships and boats worldwide, equivalent to nearly 3,3% of all rope market production. Although this is a serous ecological issue, it can be an opportunity to create a new architectural design typology and construction system. By applying concepts of biomimetics, a rope, that is usually used in tension, could have an optimal performance at compression, in a brick like module that can be easily assembled and transported.

Top View

The pavilion was positioned to take advantage of the islands's panoramic views and sun incidence 

Internal View

Loose ropes hanged from the ceiling create a playful space for the users

Back View

The pavilion is positioned to take advantage of Roosevelt Islands’ panoramic views

Module Model

Module Model

The 3D printed modules and 1:1 mock-ups served as  study tools to understand geometry and form.