Front View

Front View

The light-weight structure would serve as an educationalshowcase on computational fabrication

Mesh Iteration Process

By calculating stress concentrations and effort directionality using the plug-in Kangaroo 2, the distribution of branches could be automated, clearly informing material efficiency and assembly order

Reciprocal Branch Pavilion

Unbuilt | Ithaca, USA

CONCEPT | As an exercise exploring different wood structure typologies, the Reciprocal Branch Pavilion was the result of multiple design iterations, resulted from a series of recombination of per-determined design parameters, that linked form and joint in an inseparable system.
The goal was to create a computer generated architecture that could portray the possibilities and limitations of the direct application of technology, using parametricism and finite element simulation to inform joint-system-form relationships.

Internal View

Internal View

Joint details are exposed for public view.

Top View

On a top view, the structure almost integrates itself into the landscape

System Diagram

The structure is composed out of 288 digitally  placed and joined elements

Front View

Placed on a strategic site, the pavilion casts aesthetically interesting shadows