Dubai Expo 2020 Top View

Top View

The fog catcher net creates an unique spatial quality, as well as a functional system.

Dubai Expo


Unbuilt | Dubai, UAE

CONCEPT | The project translates Brazil’s leading position in global Sustainability and innovation in fields such as renewable energy and agriculture, through the reinterpretation of modernist and vernacular Brazilian architecture, into a unified pavilion which aims to showcase the country’s deeds, and future goals towards a more connected, productive and forward thinking environment, through interactive projections and galleries to be build in Dubai’s 2020 Expo.

Fabric Exposition

As part as the expografic event, the fabric pavilion showcases the local brazilian indigenous craft

Initial Grid
Program Distribution
Final Design 

Main Circulation

The interior ramp system is constituted by the characteristic timber grid structure, rationalizing its geometry.

Front View

The front facade identifies the chosen constructive system, and allows a pearmeable view into the pavilion.


Construction Diagrams

Based on a rigid grid system, and numbering system, the wooden panels are placed one by one according to the predetermined digitally produced coordinates. 

Metallic Connection

The entire pavilion can be assembled and disassembled without producing waste, and allowing for it to be reused or recycled.

Diag_Detalhe Tipo.png

Programmatic Distribution

The permanent expographic project, exploits the potential of projections and surfaces as interactive elements to convey messages.

Diag_Partido Expografico.png

Floor-Structure Connection

The prefabricated wooden slabs have a simple metallic connection to the main structural grid, allowing for a quick assembly process.

Collaborators | Design

Pedro Herman