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Entrance external view

Entrance external view

The overhanging roof redirects wind for optimum pressure zones

Geometrical Configuration.png
Anual Wind | Ithaca
Chosen Site - Summer.png
Annual Wind and Temperature on Actual Site

College of


Unbuilt | Ithaca, USA

CONCEPT | Understanding the users physiological needs using pressure as main metric was the main driver for this project. The College of Climaticism was designed to decrease air pollution levels, increasing air renewal and controlling brain function capabilities through air pressure. 
Atmospheric pressure drives air flow, that dictates air quality inside and outside spaces, increasing or reducing the concentration of pollutants and bacteria in the air. 

Interior View

Interior View

The waffle structure creates micro turbulences which increase air renewal

Conventional Pressure Distribution in Classrooms

Boxed-shaped rooms tend to accumulate large quantities of pollution particles and bacteria on its center due to the slow process of air-renewal and exchange.

First Diagram Explaining pressure.png

Optimized Pressure Distribution in Classrooms

With a new, optimized geometry, the classroom can passively have a faster rate of air renewal, thus dispersing pollutants and minimizing the chance of respiratory diseases and bacteria concentration.

First Diagram Explaining pressure.png

External View

The curved roof follows the landscape, redirecting air flow to the interior of the building

External View
Library View

Library View

The library funnels air to the lower levels, creating a high pressure zone with low pollutant concentration.

Pressure Distribution Detail

The building works in unity with the local wind conditions, offering multiple pressure areas based on what activity will happen on a specific area

Isometric [Converted].png
01 | Initial Program Disposition
02 | Program Reconfiguration Based on Wind Direction

Program Configuration

After a series of computational simulations, program geometry was sculpted to optimize air flow and pressure.

Vertical Distribution

The program was then placed on to the site and further developed to accommodate local environmental conditions

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