Canal View

Canal View

The now drained canal would be brought back to the enjoyment of the users

Browns Race


Unbuilt | Rochester, USA

CONCEPT | As part of an exploration in VR as a design tool, using City Engine and Esra’s Unreal Engine, this project is a master-plan for the Browns Race region in Rochester, NY. By defining a series of rules to transform the predominantly industrial area into a livable and workable area permeable to the public,  the new urban plan proposes a series of modifications that encompasses circulation flows, landscape design, building FARs, mixed-use distribution and the connectivity between the two sides of the Inner Loop highway.

Original Site
Three main buildings were designed to serve as connection hubs for the incoming visiting population: A museum, a Tram station, and a Hotel, as well as other eight proposed building volumes.
The area is historically known by its wood and brick factories, scattered along Browns Race street. 
The design of each of the three main buildings took these characteristics into consideration, by appropriating the use of these materials in a more contemporary manner, while re-introducing a green layer of local vegetation to create space delimitations and ceiling-like heights. The Browns Race street was modified to prioritize pedestrian flow, and reduce vehicle speed by elevating the street height.

Street Typology 01

Scaling plans creates coverage areas for users

Street Typology 02

The street design considered directing more space for pedestrian use.

Tram Station View

Transportation hub also serves as a tourist attraction, providing unique views of the waterfall 

Development Aerial View

The project takes advantage of the geographical characteristics of the site.

Museum View

It’s design was a result of the site’s specific circulation and ventilations patterns,

Drone Exploration
Site Visit
VR Exploration
Hand Sketching
Digital Modeling

Design Workflow

The design went through multiple typologies of modeling and exploration, from manual techniques to top of the line virtual tools.

Identifying Connections
Identifying Connections
Identifying Paths
Identifying Paths
Identifying Views
Identifying Views


The area is surrounded by highways and train tracks that create barriers for seamless pedestrian flow.  Therefore, the design intention was to inject new energy into the site by facilitating access across different areas, levels and landscapes.

Design Walkthrough
Drone Footage