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Corrigido 01.jpg

Front View

the house is set on a basin, creating a unique relationship between architecture and the user.

Interior View

The warm colors of colored concrete and wood contrast with the darker blue tones of the cabinets.



The open concept space

Living Room View

a mack garden allow for a complete immersion into nature from the warm, interior space.




Unbuilt | Macau, Brazil

CONCEPT | The concept for this house was to joint two architectonic techniques that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum: vernacular architecture and 3d printing. The goal was to achieve a seamless experience and design style that takes advantage of both the site’s local materials, and the innovative techniques of pre-built parts using cutting edge technology to create a shading device for the living room area.

External View

Two overlapping ceramic skins enclose the space and serve as a sun shading device.

Corrigido 03.jpg
Corrigido 02.jpg

Front View Close-up

The ceramic skin opens up to create a unique and inviting entrance.

Entrance Hall

the main pathways guides the residents and guests towards the main entrance.

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